Grow Your Client Base in the WalkMe Marketplace

Start managing, building, and designing

WalkMe projects for leading enterprises

Start managing, building, and designing WalkMe projects for leading enterprises.

Showcase Your Skills and Expertise

Build a robust profile to showcase your services in categories where customers are looking for you

Fill in every important detail about you and your experience

Set up the services and rates to grab the customers’ attention

Communicate and discuss terms for projects with customers’ inquiries

Explore Available Projects

Find projects posted by customers where you can custom offer your services

Browse through the projects board where customers are waiting for offers

Review the offers you receive from different professionals

Connect with your best choice and hire them to work

Start Generating new clients in the WalkMe Marketplace


How can I get hired?

When a customer asks to hire you for a project or accept your custom offer, you’ll get notified and will be asked to approve or deny the project. The status of each project will be represented in your dashboard.

Who are the prospects in the marketplace?

The prospects in the marketplace are DAP managers, builders, and other digital adoption users looking to outsource projects or tasks related to digital adoption.

Who should I contact for questions about the marketplace?

For any question about the platform, please reach us out at [email protected]

Getting hired & paid

WalkMe is not responsible for the payment process. The contract details between you and the customers should be agreed upon independently. The payment process takes place outside of the marketplace, directly between the two parties.

Issues with a customer

The contract details and the terms of service are decided upon by the service provider and the customer. Although the projects are handled directly between the two parties, we’d still love to hear your feedback if issues arise: [email protected]

Does WalkMe earn a cut of the deals made in the marketplace?

WalkMe does not have any financial interest whatsoever in any purchase thereof. WalkMe simply acts as a liaison between You and the customers.